Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Beginning...

Welcome everyone!

I wanted to start my first blog post with a quick introduction to myself, a simple overview of the inspiration for this page, and a vision for the future.

For those who have never met me, "Enchantée!"

You'll soon learn that I have more energy than most people you know, I tend to be spontaneous (except with purchases!), I love foreign languages and travel, I'm a diehard Patriots fan, everything in my life is organized except my bedroom floor, and I LOVE LIFE.

For those who have met me, hello again!  I'm excited you decided to join me.  Get ready to be blown away with some awesome tips and tricks to transform your kitchen.

"But Liz, why the kitchen?"

Your kitchen is (rather, should be!) your hub.  The whole house revolves around the kitchen.  Why?  Because your kitchen has so much to offer!  It's really the only room in your house that, if done right, can improve your health, save you money, bring your family and friends closer, save you time, and make you happier.  Don't believe me?  Well you're in for a surprise...

My love for all things "kitchen" began more than three years ago, when I began selling Cutco Cutlery.  (By the way, if you don't own Cutco, be careful, this blog might convince you!)  My absolute love for Cutco soon turned into a love for cutting, cooking, and eating.  Living on my own the past two summers also gave me an appreciation for great kitchens (that I certainly didn't have!)

I now work alongside an amazing entrepreneur in personal health and fitness coaching, Liz DiAlto.  Working with her has inspired me to improve my health, which has me in the kitchen even more.

Living in Italy has given me an even stronger appreciation for kitchens.  Not because my Italian kitchen is fantastic... my Italian kitchen may be one of the worst I've seen!  Only 2 of my 4 roommates fit comfortably at the too-big table, our refrigerator isn't cold enough to keep food fresh, we have a noisy washing machine right in the middle, our oven only has one rack, there's no dishwasher (rather there are 4 of us!), the freezer is tiny, we don't have any wine glasses or large bowls, and aside from the one Cutco knife I fit into my luggage, our cutting situation is rather abysmal.

This unfortunate kitchen has stimulated my imagination for what a kitchen could be.  Which is why I'm here.  Maybe you're in the same position as me.  Maybe you don't have much time, much money, or much patience!  If that's the case you're in the right place.  Even though our kitchen leaves much to be desired, we still find ourselves spending time there because kitchens are amazing, no matter the shape or size.

So get ready.  Once a week, you'll get a great tip, product, recipe, or article that will inspire you to start enrichin' your kitchen!

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Until next time!  Live Enriched!

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