Friday, January 13, 2012

Barkeeper's Friend

Hey everyone!

I'm going to keep it short and sweet this week.

The Product of the Month for January is Barkeeper's Friend - and no, you don't have to be a barkeeper, have a bar, or even drink at all :).

Barkeeper's Friend is the PERFECT solution for any metal tarnishing.  Whether it's water spots or brown tarnish (for most of your stuff, it's probably NOT rust), this little gem will do the trick.

There is no chlorine bleach, so it's much safer and easier to use.  It works for kitchen sinks, counters, pots, pans, knives (even Cutco!), cooktops, and tile.  You can also use it in the sink and garage.

Almost every Cutco junkie I've ever met recommends this stuff, so if you have anything you need to shine up, this is it.  It comes in both powder and liquid form, and you can find it at most grocery stores or home improvement stores in the Northeast.  For those of you outside the best part of the country (just kidding!) you can also buy online here.

And the best part: it's only $1.50 for a whole can!

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