Friday, January 6, 2012

Sneaky Organization Tips

Happy New Year everyone!

Let's get right to it - January's Kitchen Tip of the Month will help you get peace of mind in your kitchen.  These sneaky tips to organize all your clutter will keep everyone in the house happy, and will even wow your guests.

I searched all over the place for the best tips - and added a couple of my own.  All are easy and cheap (under $20).  Enjoy!

1. Cereal Containers.

I hate when cereal gets stale, or when I unknowingly run out.  These plastic containers are a perfect storage solution.  You can see exactly how much cereal you have, and it stays fresh much longer.  These also work for almost anything: flour, sugar, oats, nuts, popcorn, chips.  Toss the chip clips.  Not only will these keep your chips fresh, but they're easier to store without leaving your chips in tiny pieces!

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2. Pantry Pockets.

This ingenious idea is perfect for anyone with a pantry or a large cabinet door.  Simply use an over-the-door shoe hanger to pack with all the little items that clutter your pantry.

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3. Spice Tubes.

If you have a lot of spices to round up, but not a lot of money to get a fancy spice rack, test tubes might be the way to go.  They're small, clear, and can fit into a cart for easy access.  Test tubes along with stoppers can be found for around $0.50 a pop.

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4. Soap Rack.

Have problems keeping all your detergents and sprays in order under the sink?  All it takes to fix is an adjustable shower rod (about $10-20).

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5. Bag Dispenser.

Cant get control of your plastic bags?  There are lots of fancy containers out there, but all it really takes is an old wet wipes dispenser or tissue box.

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6. Pegboard.

This idea requires a little more work, but might be the most rewarding.  One of the least organized (and most frustrating!) places in the kitchen is often the utensil drawer, you know - the one with all the big spoon and spatulas and scissors and mixers that sometimes won't open because it's so full?  With a little pegboard from Home Depot and a peg kit (together, around $20) you can hang utensils inside cabinet doors.

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If you have any other clever or creative kitchen storage ideas, leave a comment below!
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Until next time!  Live Enriched!

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