Friday, February 17, 2012

Vitamix Blenders

It's time for the product of the month!

This week, we're talking about blenders.  Vitamix blenders.

Recently, the world has been overcome with smoothie mania.  What can I say, I love it!  But just you wait, the Vitamix makes more than just a smoothie.

5 Reasons Why I Recommend Vitamix:

1. Having a Vitamix means you can eat more real, whole food.

Throw in whole fruits: that means you can even put in skins for things like apples, pears, and even oranges and bananas!  That means getting more nutrients (the nutrients are in the skin, you know!).  It also means getting more food for your money.  The Vitamix blends so well, you won't notice ANYTHING, I promise.

2. Vitamix can make almost anything.

Your Vitamix isn't just good for smoothies, it's good for almost anything.  You can blend a hot soup in about 6 minutes.  You can make your own peanut butter, almond milk, or fondue.  You can even make ice cream or sorbet!

Imagine feeding your family food that YOU made, and you know EXACTLY what's in it.  This will lead to a much healthier, more cost effective lifestyle.  (Check the bottom for a link to recipe videos!)

3. It's really fun for kids to help concoct recipes, or to drink colored smoothies.

If you've ever heard of green smoothies, Vitamix is perfect for these, too.  Throw in some kale, spinach, broccoli, grapes, limes, or really anything you want.  There are tons of green smoothie recipes on the internet... maybe I'll even post one here eventually!

Kids will LOVE the green color (or whatever color you want it to be.)  They also will have no idea you put in lots of "yucky veggies."

4. Vitamix is really easy to clean.

Put in some dish detergent and warm water, run the blender, and it cleans itself.  So quick, and so easy, you'll want to use it every day.

To watch the cleaning video, and other videos of great recipes, click here.

Want to find out more? Check out the vitamix website.

Have a Vitamix?  Leave a comment with what you think of it, or your favorite recipe.
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